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Where Should I Get a New Pet?

You’ve done your research and you’re ready to welcome a new pet into your life. But, the next step—actually finding the perfect pet—can be simultaneously exhilarating and intimidating. Where should you look? Whom can you trust? What should you consider when choosing where to adopt your new friend?  Let the Mt. Horeb Animal Hospital team [...]

Love Doesn’t Cost a Thing—4 Budget-Friendly Gifts for Pets

Step aside, boys and girls, you are not the only ones who will be receiving gifts from your mom and dad this holiday season! According to one survey, 39% of pet owners regularly include their four-legged family members on their holiday shopping list. Whether their pets have been naughty or nice, these—mostly—Millennial pet paw-rents plan [...]

7 Tips for a Pet-Safe Thanksgiving

Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, traveling to visit family, or participating in Friendsgiving, this holiday can be a fun, festive day to show gratitude. Although taking time off work and hosting guests may provide you a welcome break, changes in routine can stress out your pet, introducing several holiday-related risks. To help [...]

Dos and Don’ts of Pet Weight Management

If your dog or cat is looking a little more round, you’re not alone. Research conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention shows that more than half of U.S. pets are overweight or obese, a trend that is worsening each year. While pets with extra pounds may seem extra cute, they’re at greater risk [...]

Do’s and Don’ts for Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy

Your indoor cat doesn’t need to head outdoors to satisfy their natural instincts and live a happy, healthy life. You can ensure your cat is living their best life indoors by creating a cat-friendly environment and providing them with adequate enrichment and socialization. Our team at Mt. Horeb Animal Hospital has the do’s and don’ts [...]

5 Questions To Ask When Researching Pet Insurance

When your pet has an unexpected illness or injury, a million questions run through your mind—Will my pet be OK? Are they in pain? How did this happen? What treatment does my pet need? And, of course—how much will my pet’s care cost? If you believe your pet could incur an emergency care expense that [...]

What Causes Canine Diarrhea?

When your dog has diarrhea, the whole household suffers. Dogs with soft or watery stools may not feel well, but experience urgency and need frequent trips outside. Occasional diarrhea that resolves in a few days is not a concern, but diarrhea that continues or reoccurs requires veterinary care and investigation. Diarrhea has many possible causes, [...]

Be Well—Regular Wellness Screenings and Your Pet

Don’t be a stranger about your pet’s health. Your pet’s annual or semi-annual visit to Mt. Horeb Animal Hospital is essential to their general wellbeing and their longevity. While you may not think your pet needs to grace our exam table when they look healthy and happy, regular wellness care (i.e., preventive care) can prevent [...]

Behavior Foundations: 5 Tips For Puppy Problem Prevention

Bringing a new puppy into your home—whether one you’ve purchased from a breeder, adopted from the shelter, or are fostering for a rescue organization—can be exciting, yet overwhelming. Raising a puppy is rewarding and the bond you’ll share will be lifelong, but you’ll need to keep them physically and mentally healthy. Mt. Horeb Animal Hospital [...]

Making Sense of Letters and Numbers: How to Decipher Your Pet’s Blood Work

When handed a slip detailing your pet’s latest blood work results, you probably stare at the letters and numbers in confusion, trying to decipher the gibberish. Don’t worry—we won’t leave you hanging trying to understand your furry pal’s blood work. Read on to learn what those abbreviations mean for your pet’s health. CBC: What does [...]

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