Annual Wellness Exams

Annual wellness exams are the cornerstone for lifelong pet health. Yearly preventive veterinary care not only evaluates your pet’s current physical health but safeguards them from future threats, such as infectious disease, parasitic infection, and chronic pain, irritation, or illness. Pets are experts at hiding pain and weakness, making yearly exams essential. By diagnosing a condition in its early stages we can prevent unnecessary pet suffering, reduce treatment costs, improve outcomes, and extend your pet’s life.


Vaccinations provide immune protection against many common canine and feline infectious diseases. After your pet’s initial puppy or kitten vaccination series,

Flea & Tick Prevention

External parasites can transmit disease and make your pet’s life miserable. Because of shifting seasonal temperatures and wildlife migration,

Heartworm Disease Testing & Prevention

Once only common to the southern US, heartworm disease is now a common threat to Wisconsin pets. Heartworms are transmitted by infected mosquitoes

Laboratory & Diagnostics

When your pet is sick, you want answers right away. We offer convenient in-house testing for the most common pet conditions. Common screening tests include:

Urgent Care

Pets don’t stick to a schedule, and although we do not offer emergency walk-in care, urgent care exams are available. Urgent care exams provide same-day